Tuesday, August 4, 2009


HEEEy! kauai was amazing though the house was C*R*A*P*!!!!!!!! any hooooooo wassup grls?? Binah has informed me that she has an ERC event coming up!

All she has told me is that it's on August 22 and it's a Whodiddly thing-a-ma-bob so ya Binah if you could comment with more info that would be AWESOME! Even though I have no idea what this is about, I CANT WAIT! But it might be a problem for me because I get a new phone on August 22 (LG Xenon in blue :-] ). Anyway if you guys could comment( I'll tell you guys my account info when i see you) and tell me if  you are able to come (Once Binah specifies the details *cough*) xoxoox, Nikki 


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  2. This is the English roses club website that we always use, so stick around on this website. Their is contests, and fun. Type in if U can join. Leave your e-mail if you want personal updates on the club.
    Their will also be news about it on facebook, and google drive. To join you need to be at least 8 years old and be able to text people on this club. If you can join and/or you R a member you can join a drawing contest. Draw the character binah and mail it to
    4 Locheil street south Renfrew ontario
    or e-mail it to me at:
    Also leave your adress with it so I can mail U the prize.
    THANKS! :)